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“Nuggg... what happened, where am I?"
I woke up in this weird class room with brokem glass all over the floor.I dont remembered much but i only recall being at home, watching tv until I heard the door bell rang then everything blacked out.
”I-I have to get out of here!”, I got out of the classroom and went to the hall way but I was not ready to see what was there. The hallway looked like there been a mass murder with blood all over the lockers and and a sentence saying “WHAT IS MY FUCKING PURPOSE IN THIS WREAKED ASS WORLD, COME ON JUST FREAKING TELL ME GODDAMMIT!”. I was scared if there was a murderer in the same school building, I ran to find an exit. Suddenly I started to hear some sort of noise, they sounded like is if they're moaning in pain. Then I saw round balls with tongues heading right straight at me, I ran away from them for who knows how long but I was manage to escape them.
“ *gasp* What were those things?!” I was catching my breath for what I have saw. I walked around the hallways for an exit until i stumbled across the auditorium. I took a sneak peek and saw that the room was empty, I entered but I was wrong. As soon as I entered, the door closed shut, I tried to open it but it wouldn't work. Then I heard someone talking, they sounded like my relatives.

“When you grow up you're gonna get married to a beautiful wife and have beautiful children...”
“Make sure you have good grades so you can do your best...”
“You know son, you're not gonna make it that far in art right, do something better than that…”
“You're the only male left in this family, its your duty to pass down the family name…”
“You’re not gay you're just confused that all, how do you know that you're gay if you never had a girlfriend before…”

“God, why can't they learn to shut up already!”, I turned around and I saw my self but he was wearing a school uniform. Then the doors bursted open behind me, I looked and it was one of my friends, Sho-san.
“Sho-san I’m glad to see you.”
“My my look what we have here.”,the other me said. “Not only we have the fat good-for-nothing we also have the emo tomboy joining us.

“What did you just call me?”, I told the other me.

“You heard me I just called you a good-for-nothing fatass. You always wear a fake smile, and do what your family expects to make them happy. Your parents never wanted a third child, all they needed was a son and here you are listening to them making up your future, and saying how you're going to marry a beautiful girl. Pffff~~~ as if. You always try to hide your true inner demons from them, but why...why hurt yourself with all these expectation from them. They’ll have find out sooner or later.”

“Shut up you don't know everything about me!”

“Dont you know, I’m you and your me that why I know so much about you.”

“No!”, I got on all four and soon I started crying.
“No! No! No! You're, your nothinging like me, You're Not Me!!!!!

The other me laughed hysterically as he transformed into a monster. The shock wave must have knocked me back and made me black out, the last thing I could remember was seeing Sho …..
Persona 4: Konu Shadow
I have been watching way to much persona lately.
For the people who does not watch/play any of the persona series watch it!!!

For those who do know persona then as you may know Konu/Me represents the Tower arcana
The tower symbolize a disaster or sudden change that cannot be avoided
The reverse meaning it to advert the disaster and to fear change.
Konu here is denying the fact thinking everyone in his family will hate him if the truth about him 
being gay is true. In order to "avoid" this he isolates himself from is family rarely talking to them 
only exchange small talk every now and then
Hello people, the fuzzy bunny Kento :iconkmfantasies: is said he'll be doing commissions and request now
Spread the word and why don't you guy try to commish/request from him, he really good artist :D
Glitch Test by Lazy-Konu-San
Glitch Test
Sorry that i haven't been posting up some art work 
while doing this it was kinds fun :D (Big Grin) 
here a link to the tutorial:…
Hello people, the fuzzy bunny Kento :iconkmfantasies: is said he'll be doing commissions and request now
Spread the word and why don't you guy try to commish/request from him, he really good artist :D


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I not telling :3
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Hiya, you can call me Cha-Cha (my nickname). I'm a an anthro artist and story writer but still trying to improve. I want people to see my work and possibly make some new friends. So if you like what you see, simply just add me (hey it rhymed)

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