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Sad Konu by Lazy-Konu-San
Sad Konu
Konu: Hey, tell me... why do I feel hatred to people I've helped?
         Funny I should feel happy but it just annoys me. I must
         be one messed up person, huh?

To my watchers how would you respond, any wrong words could lead to a bad ending
Tokyo Ghoul: Konu by Lazy-Konu-San
Tokyo Ghoul: Konu
I everyone I've been watching Tokyo Ghoul and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
So Here is a pic of konu as a ghoul as a Bikaku(shining tail)
I think im gonna nickname my self as Pincher
Koiyo: Guardian/Tyrant by Lazy-Konu-San
Koiyo: Guardian/Tyrant
New story Terms ideas
Within Koiyo (one of the 5 great continents) there is a unique spell to summon a weapon that is a reflection of a persons pyche,
but to only those who have  high potential could summon it as well as using it, these weapons are called Guardians.
Those who could summon it may not be able to use it's true strength for very long because using a Guardian consume large chunks of mana,
so if a person does not have enough mana within them, the guardian will either disappear or transform into a dormant like state. Guardians
come in many different forms from weapons, monsters or to inanimate objects with their own unique function/ability.

When a person overly exerts a Guardian, uses to much corrupted mana, or experience intense emotions Guardians will transform themselves into Tyrants.
Tyrants are the dark corrupt versions of Guardians. When a person Guardian transform into a Tyrant  they will lose their memories of who they are, and 
become very hostile to those around them. The power of a Tyrant is far much more powerful of a Guardian, but it also consume even more chunks mana.
Also Tyrants could even scar a person soul if the Tyrant could not find another source of mana to power itself, they will use a person soul as another means
of fuel. A Tyrant will transform back into a Guardian with high grade Purification stones but by other means one must destroy the Tyrant for the person to
return back to normal.

Konu Guardian is called Oraceion (Meaning Black Heaven in Patan, one of my story 3 languages ^^;) which takes the form of a Scythe
and his Tyrant is called Floros (meaning Doom in also Patan)  which take the form of a Halberd 
Request: All dressed up by Lazy-Konu-San
Request: All dressed up
A Request for :iconmatthewjabezpnazario:
He requested to draw his characters dresses formal , whale all the guys all look the same (Lol)
I thought to jazz up the girls dresses abit

I don't own these characters
These characters belong to :iconMatthewJabezPNazario:
P.s. Sorry about luna  if she look completely different from what you imagined o-o;
Request: Duo by Lazy-Konu-San
Request: Duo
A request from :iconrise-of-majora:
He requested to draw two of his characters of Vervian and Gale
I didn't know that weird shadow behind Vervian but I still added him anyway!

I don't own these characters
they belong to :iconrise-of-majora:
*sigh* I never post many things on this account, but that will change!!!
My new year resolution is to get better at drawing so why not take some request to improve 

-no gore, vore, morphs, or any related to those
-male and females are allowed
-I draw tasteful nudity (No porn)
-you don't have to write a journal about this( but I do appreciate it if you do)
-dramatic poses I can sorta do
-I also need a Reference if I need to draw you your character
-...(I'll think up some other rules later)

I guess that's it, Place a comment of what you want me to draw and I'll draw it in a few day ( at lest 1-3 days)
Love ya, See ya *bang*:peace:


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I not telling :3
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So if you like what you see, simply just add me (hey it rhymed)

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